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The database structure is very simple and straight forward. It is an open design which means it can easily be reused for other purposes.


The system maintains itself by deleting old data. This is configured both per log and globally ensuring the database will not grow forever. Each 'log' can by default only keep 300000 entries - this can be configured in the admin tool. There is also a global setting ensuring the total number of entries in the database won't exceed the specified number. The Windows service runs a stored procedure every few minutes to perform this maintenance - the frequency can also be configured in the service's config file.


This needs to be set up by a dba manually at the moment.

EventlogHistory table

This table is intended to keep only an aggregated copy of the data. At the moment it is not used much and the implementation is not ideal so this part of the system might change or be removed completely at some point of time.


To ease the process of restricting access to the data 3 SQL roles are created for you during installation. Stored procedures created during installation already make use of these roles to restrict access.
  • EventScavengerAdmin - Administrators of the system
  • EventScavengerCollectorUsers - Accounts that can be used to run the collector services to import data
  • EventScavengerViewers - Viewers of the data
At the moment users must be added to these roles manually by a dba.

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